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Polythene Tube
Working pressures and temperatures
The working pressures quoted within the chart are based on the short term burst pressure calculated at 20°C using a 4 to1 safety factor. L.D.P. can be used at temperatures up to 55°C; at lower temperatures the tube will become less flexible.
Medium density Polythene (M.D.P) high density Polythene (H.D.P) Ethylene vinyl acetate (E.V.A) Polypropylene
Coil lengths
Standard coil length 30 metres, alternative coil lengths are available further information may be obtained from our Technical Sales Office. All our range of tube sizes are available in Natural, Various colours and tints can also be supplied.
Part No:     Description:
LDPE Tube 5mm OD x 3mm ID 30M
LDPE Tube 4mm OD x 2.5mm ID 30M
LDPE Tube 5mmOD x 3mmID 30M
LDPE Tube 6mm OD x 4mm ID 30M
LDPE Tube 8mm OD x 6mm ID 30M
LDPE Tube 10mm OD x 8mm ID 30M
LDPE Tube 12mm OD x 10mm ID 30M
LDPE Tube 1/4" OD x 157" ID 30M
LDPE Tube 5/16" OD x 212" ID 30M
LDPE Tube 3/8" OD x 250" ID 30M
LDPE Tube 5/8" OD x 500" ID 30M
LDPE Tube 3/4" OD x 625" ID 30M
LDPE Tube 3/16" OD x 117" ID 30M
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